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Quality Management

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Quality Management Director Merve DUMAN
Quality Management Nurse
Quality Management Unit Activities

1. Quality Management Director; It participates as a member of all committees (Patient Safety Committee, Employee Safety Committee, Infection Control Committee, Facility Safety Committee and Training Committee, etc.) determined within the framework of SKS. He takes part in the coordination of the studies on the Quality Standards in Health in the committees.
2. Coordination of all activities carried out within the framework of SKS is ensured.
3. The studies aimed at the corporate goals and objectives are followed.
4. Working in coordination with department quality managers, the current status of the departments towards SKS; objectives, self-assessment results, DFS, safety reporting, statistical data, education, infection rates, hand hygiene compliance, indicator targets, etc. The results are evaluated at least once a year with the participation of senior management, department managers and department quality officers and necessary improvement activities are initiated.
5. According to the Self-Assessment Procedure, self-assessment is conducted at least once a year. Non-compliances identified as a result of self-evaluation are reported to the senior management. Necessary improvement works and corrective preventive actions are initiated.
6. The processes related to the Security Reporting System (GRS) are managed according to the Security Reporting System procedure.
7. Employees are trained on all issues related to Quality Management.
8. Hospital general adaptation trainings are given.
9. Patient and employee satisfaction surveys are conducted by the personnel who are trained in survey application according to the survey application guide in the periods determined by the Ministry of Health.
10. Monitor the evaluation of the opinions of the patient, patient relatives and employees, reporting to the senior management and conducting the necessary DFS.
11. Written arrangements within the framework of SKS shall be carried out in accordance with the Control of Documents Procedure.
12. SKS It is provided to evaluate the statistical information about service provision.
13. According to the Indicator Management Procedure, coordination of Indicator management activities is ensured. Processes, data collection and analysis methods are defined for each indicator to be monitored.
14. Determines the current status of the organization (targets, self-assessment results, security reporting, committee work reports, DFS reports, Indicator follow-up results, satisfaction reports, etc.) according to the CRS, determines the improvement areas and reports to the senior management.
15. Carries out the works to be carried out in accordance with the Regulation on Improvement and Evaluation of Health Quality and other legislation.

Our quality policy

• Providing easy and fast access to effective, safe and qualified health care with scientific approach
• To create a corporate culture with respect to participatory, ethical and respectful and friendly service.
• Protecting patient and employee rights, informing patients and their families at every stage of diagnosis and treatment
• To provide continuous in-service training to employees.
• Ensuring patient and employee safety and keeping continuous satisfaction at the forefront
• Constantly developing and changing by using the latest technology and knowledge
• To use our resources in place and effectively
• Being the Hospital that contributes to the society at the highest level with the awareness of its social responsibilities is our main policy.

Quality Management Unit Organization Chart

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Committee, Commission and Teams List and Diagram



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