All diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided for the children in the polyclinic, emergency department, clinic, newborn room and newborn intensive care areas designed and equipped with advanced technology. Pediatric monitoring as well as treatments may be performed since birth of your child in inpatient and outpatient fashion. 
Normal child monitoring, vaccination, evaluation of growth and development, evaluation of physical, social and psychological development, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases are performed by our experienced team.

"Newborn Unit" provides services to newborns of our hospital. Our hospital has baby-friendly appellation and newborns are taken to the mother for breastfeeding within 1 hours at the latest after first exams and care are completed. The baby care of the babies who are left near their mom for breastfeeding is performed in the newborn room. The parents are trained for newborn care at discharge day. Furthermore, all newborn babies are screened for metabolic disease and hyperthyroidism by collecting blood sample from the heel and hearing test is implemented.


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